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  • YAG Laser For Vitreous Floaters

    YAG Laser For Vitreous Floaters

    Many people experience vitreous floaters in their field of vision. These usually are seen as a shadow which follows the line of sight. They are variously described as insects, mosquitos, cobwebs or hair that may come and go in the line of sight. Sometimes larger floaters may be seen as patches drifting in and out of the vision, and may be a nuisance to someone reading, driving, using a computer or to general concentration.

    Floater patients have in the past been told to “learn to live with it”, or that “it will eventually go away” and that vitrectomy (removal of the vitreous jelly of the eye) is the only treatment. However, vitrectomy is rarely recommended because of the high cost, high risk of cataract formation and a 1-3% risk of retinal detachment. It is also generally thought to be “overkill” for such a “small problem”.

    Fortunately, vitrectomy is not the only treatment for floaters. The YAG laser offers a safe alternative way to treat such patients. EyeWise Vision Clinic is now able to offer this treatment to effectively reduce the symptoms of problematic floaters. The advantages of YAG laser treatment of floaters are:

    1.It is much less invasive and less expensive than vitrectomy.
    2. It removes (or shifts to the side) the floater, not the vitreous gel.
    3. It is a 15 to 30-minute office procedure using eyedrop anesthesia.
    4. The eye is not opened (with reduced risk compared to vitrrectomy of cataract formation, retinal detachment, infection or bleeding)
    5. There are no restrictions on activities, and the patient can resume full normal activities within 24 h.

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