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Patient Education

As a premium clinic, we provide the added service of patient education. In order for patients to have better understanding of their condition and treatment, we have imported brochures/pamphlets/educational DVD/ books/resources to help alleviate anxiety, enhance comprehension, and speed up recovery. An educated patient can cooperate more readily in their own care, experience less anxiety and enhance recovery. There are also reference tools for patients to take home. Our library of reading literature (books, brochures and pamphlets) and videos clips about most common eye problems are available for in-house viewing or borrowing.

American Academy of Ophthalmologist (AAO), “EyeSmart” brochures available for patients.
A closer look topics include:
– Seeing well as you grow older
– Learning Disabilities
– Diabetic Retinopathy
– Amblyopia
– Floaters & Flashes

Don’t forget to pick up a copy at your next visit.

Johnny can see: a visit to the eye doctor , (JCS1)

In commemoration of our anniversary celebrations, we have collaborated with a local educator to produce Singapore’s “unique” children’s book on the importance of early childhood eye care entitled “Johnny can see – A visit to the eye doctor” with foreword from Julia Gabriel, Founder and Director of Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning, Chiltern House Child Care Centres and Julia Gabriel School of Education, Singapore & Robin Moseley,CEO, Dyslexic Association of Singapore.


Little Johnny has an eye problem, he cannot see clearly, turn the pages to discover how his visit to the eye doctor got him to travel on a hot air balloon, sit on a tractor and become a pirate. Enjoy his little adventure through lovely rhyming schemes, beautiful illustrations and Singapore’s first ophthalmic accurate children’s book.

In celebration of World Grandparents Day 2013, EWVC is proud to support the book launch of   Johnny can see 2 : Grandpa and Grandma’s visit to the eye doctor. (JCS2) 

Johnny can see (part 2), highlights the importance of elder eyecare. This book continues the understanding of a range of eye conditions in the Johnny can see series. The first book, JCS 1 (2009)  covers pediatric eye conditions, which explains about myopia and ambylopia, while this second book, JCS2 ( 2013)  covers geriatric eye conditions like cataract and diabetic retinopathy.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Johnny highlights the importance of good vision and health in determining a good quality of life for the sigificant seniors in our life.

The important presence of grandparents and the elderly in our society cannot be overlooked.  Around the world, families celebrate the symbiotic relationship of cross-generational ties. Family and relationships are an integral part of every society. The family is the only social institution that is truly age integrated. One of the important roles of intergenerational ties is to provide cross age understanding, support and connection.

In this 4-stanza rhyming story, Johnny helps and cares for his grandparents, as they face their various visual ailments and together they overcome the ordeal together. At the same time families learn how to care for one another through intergenerational support and love.

Grandpa and Grandma's visit to the eye doctor