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contact-lense1. Always wash, rinse and dry your hands before inserting/removing contact lenses.

2. Always ensure that the contact lens is not turned inside out before inserting.

3. Rub, rinse, and disinfect your lenses prior to insertion of contact lenses and upon removal of contact lenses

4. Place the lens on your palm with a few drops of multi-purpose solution and rub for 20 seconds. Flip the lens over and repeat it again. Always the same lens first to avoid mix-ups. Place that lens into the correct side of the lens case. Then repeat the procedure for the second lens.

5. Always keep your lenses completely immersed in solution when the lenses are not being worn. For storage, ensure the lens case is close properly.

6. Upon removal of the lenses, empty and rinse the lens case with multi-purpose solution and allow the lens case to air dry. Replace lens case and multi-purpose solution regularly.

7. Lenses should be thrown away based on the recommended wearing period prescribed by your eye care practitioner.

8. Do not rinse contact lenses with tap water as it contains many impurities that will contaminate the lenses.

9. For first-time contact lens wearer, do not wear it for too many hours. This would help to prevent adaptation problems.

Day 1 4 hours
Day 2 6 hours
Day 3 8 hours
Day 4 10 hours

Do not wear contact lens for more than 10 hours. Off contact lens wear for at least once a week to allow your eyes to “breathe”.

10. Should you experience any red eye, pain, or blurry vision, remove contact lenses and consult an eye doctor immediately.