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eyeglasses1. Always rinse the glasses with water or use a lens spray before wiping. As it might have tiny particles of dust/dirt on your lens, and if wipe those around on a dry lens, it can cause scratches.

2. Always use a clean soft/micro-fiber cloth to wipe the lens for cleaning/after rinsing.

3. Do not wash the lens with hot water as it will cause the cracks on the coating.

4. Do not wear your glasses on top of your head, as it can expand the frame and could affect the optical alignment of your glasses.

5. Do not put your glasses in your pockets. You might forget and sit on it.

6. To protect and keep the glasses in shape, use a hard-cover case.

7. Always lay your glasses with lens surface face up to avoid scratches.

8. Do not leave your spectacles in direct sunlight or hot place (eg. on the dashboard of the car, etc) as this will distort the frame and will damage the lens coating.

9. Avoid using glass lenses for children and sportsmen as it is more likely to break.

10. Hair sprays and perfumes can leave residues on lenses. Therefore, you should always keep your glasses away when using them.