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Adapted from The Business of Life Sciences:- Bio Spectrum (Asia Edition) Singapore hospital performs one of Asia’s first iris prosthesis implantation

Singapore, Dec 6, 2010: One of Asia customized flexible iris prosthesis implantation surgery was performed at Singapore’s Gleneagles Hospital in September by Dr Christopher Khng, consultant ophthalmologist & medical director, Eyewise Vision Clinic. The customized flexible iris prosthesis implantation is an advanced procedure of anterior segment reconstruction, used to repair defects or damage in the pupil or iris, or to treat Aniridia (congenital absence of iris tissue). This breakthrough surgical procedure is currently only available at Gleneagles Hospital.

Patients who require anterior segment reconstruction often suffer from a severe eye injury or surgical trauma. Dr Khng performed the customized flexible iris prosthesis implantation surgery on a 59-year old patient who suffered severe right eye injury due to an accident which happened two years ago. The day surgery which lasted about one hour was a success; and the patient has been recovering well. Prior to this procedure, the patient had to withstand intolerable glare and light disability.

Dr Khng comments, “This new customized flexible iris prosthesis implantation is an advanced technique, which is already performed in America and Europe. With our recent success and experience, patients in Singapore and from the region can now receive this treatment closer to home.

Typically, iris implants which are used in such reconstruction procedures are flat, made of hard plastic and available only in limited colors, which may not match the patients natural eye color. Such implants also require a large incision for insertion.

It is one of the first flexible customised implant to last for life and patients experience faster recovery due to smaller insertion. The customised flexible implants require a mere 3.2 mm opening, a substantial reduction from the 10.5 mm cut required with old flat, hard plastic implants. The procedure is able to achieve better colour match and improved aesthetic outcome for patients by complementing the exact colour of the patients natural eye. Patients are able to see clearly with less glare and sensitivity to light. Dr Christopher Khng specialises in complex cataract and iris reconstruction. He received formal training in Cincinnati Ohio, USA in 2004 and has years of experience in cataract and iris reconstruction surgery.

Educational talks for local General Practicers (GPs) and Specialists

Good eye care is depend on patient education and lifelong learning/ training.Patient compliance and easy access to specialist knowledge and information is fundamental in total patient care.On a busy weekend of July 2011, Dr Christopher Khng gave a string of Educational talks for local General Practicers ( GPs) and Specialists doctors around the island of Singapore.


28 Sept 2010

Artificial customized flexible iris, manufactured in Germany

Watch out for upcoming articles in Medical Grapevine (2011) and Parkway medical magazine CONNECT January 2011 issue for full story.

19-21 Nov 2010

5th Congress of the Asia Pacific Vitreo- Retina Society ( APVRS)

Our Medical Director, Dr Christopher Khng, was an invited speaker who presented the topic “Techniques for repair of the iris.” He also formed the panel for discussion at the 5th Congress of the Asia Pacific Vitreo- Retina Society ( APVRS) In conjunction with 26th Singapore- Malaysia Joint Eye Meeting, held on 19-21 Nov 2010 at Marina Bay Sands ( MBS).

23-26 July 2010

35th Annual Indonesian Ophthalmologist (IOA) Meeting ( Semarang)

On 23-26 July 2010, Dr Christopher Khng was part of an international faculty guest speaker at the 35th Annual Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (IOA) in Semarang, Central Java held at Patra Jasa Convention Hotel. He got to network with other international speakers from Hiroshima (Japan), Manila (Philippines) and other parts of Asia.

30 April – 3rd May 2010

3rd Bali International Ophthalmology Retreat (BIOR)

From 30 April – 3rd May 2010, our medical director was an invited speaker to the Bali Ophthalmological Retreat ( BIOR) in Bali Indonesia held at AYANA Resort & Spa. He also formed the panel for the video discussion.

14-16 August 2009

2nd Bali International Ophthalmology Retreat (BIOR)

Our Medical Director, Dr Christopher Khng, was an invited faculty (guest speaker cum panel judge) at the 2nd Bali International Ophthalmology Retreat (BIOR) held at the beautiful beach resort of Bali, Conrad Hotel, Indonesia. He shared knowledge on Iris repair and Complex Cataracts with Ophthalmologists from Indonesia, Australia and other parts of the world.

14-16 March 2008

Korea Seoul Korean Opthalmic Associations KOA meeting

1-5 June 2008

Vietnam Imperial City Eye meeting Hue, Vietnam organized by the Hawaiian Eye Foundation

20-26 June 2008

ORBIS (The Flying Eye Hospital) volunteer Mission Flight to Syria

27 June-2 July 2008

World Ophthalmic Congress 2008 in Hong Kong