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On 12 January 2013, Eyewise Vision Clinic (EWVC) was proud to support the book launch of Johnny can dream: a visit to a Peranakan Place, which was held at The Intan Museum in Joo Chiat.

The Chairman of Singapore’s National Family Council, Mr. Lim Soon Hock (The Distinguished Guest of Honour) emphasized that this was a great opportunity “for bonding between parents and their young children through our children’s yearning for story telling.”
This heritage project is a collaboration with local children’s writer: Nonya Benita Fong, The President of the Peranakan Association: Baba Peter Wee, Owner of the Intan Museum: Baba Alvin Yapp: Author of the book “Peranakan Indians of Singapore and Melaka”, Mr. Samuel Dhoraisingam.

Johnny Can Dream, the 3rd jewel of this local children’s author is a renewal, rediscovery and rejuvenation of one of Singapore’s unique intangible cultures-the Peranakan way of life.
Let the past inspire the future!

Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) or what some call “Living Heritage” encompasses many traditions, practices and customs. These include the stories we tell, the family events we celebrate, our community gatherings, the languages we speak, the songs we sing, knowledge of our natural spaces, the foods we eat, our holidays, beliefs and cultural practices.

This event hopes to inspire the younger generation to continue to create and promote one’s culture. We also encourage story telling and reading amongst children, parents, grandparents, family and friends, which is the root of human socialization and interaction.

Johnny can dream: a visit to a peranakan place was described as a “distinctively South East Asian culture” in Young Parents( Spore’s no. 1 parenting magazine),March 2013, pp122, under the cultural club section of interesting news.