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  • Singapore’s ‘flying eye doctor’ receives prestigious IIRSI Gold Medal

    Singapore’s ‘flying eye doctor’ receives prestigious IIRSI Gold Medal

    The EyeWise Vision Clinic is proud to announce that its Medical Director and Consultant, Dr. Christopher Khng, was bestowed the Gold Medal on 7th July 2012 at the Indian Intraocular Implant and Refractive Society’s (IIRSI) annual conference held in Chennai, India. Dr Khng was presented this prestigious award by the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Dr K, Rosaiah, for his immense contribution in the field of ophthalmology.

    The IIRSI was formed to educate ophthalmologists on the latest techniques in cataract and refractive surgeries through conferences conducted across all parts of India. Affiliated with the All India Ophthalmological Society, IIRSI has 860 ophthalmologist life members who participate in various events throughout the year. The society has successfully conducted many ophthalmic conferences with international and Indian ophthalmological societies, attracting attendances of up to 1500 delegates. Dr Khng was an invited guest speaker at this year’s annual conference, presenting the topics ‘Restoring pupil size, location and regularity’ and ‘IOL fixation options in the absence of capsular support’.

    Dr Khng has sat on the American Academy of Ophthalmic (AAO) cataract committee since 2005 and is recognised in the international medical arena for his contribution to research, teaching, reviewing and surgery. Since 2004 he has also contributed his time to Singapore’s volunteer medical faculty on ORBIS, the flying eye hospital, and travels extensively doing volunteer work around the world.

    “I am most privileged to be honoured with the Gold Medal bestowed on me and my country,” says Dr Khng. “Singapore is known as a medical hub in South East Asia and this award affirms our commitment to research and exchange of knowledge with the global medical community.”

    Singapore was the one of the first country in Asia to perform a customized flexible iris implantation for a foreign eye trauma patient in 2010. This is where Dr Khng’s specialization in complex cataract and iris reconstruction skills attracted patients from Cambodia and within South East Asia to seek medical treatment in Singapore.

    In the past, iris implants were flat, hard plastic with limited choice of colour match. The older implants also required a 10mm insertion rather than the present revolutionary flexible customized implants that require a 3mm cut. The advantage of this says Dr Khng is “the smaller cut means faster recovery and this customized flexible prosthesis is a better colour match and aesthetic outcome to the patient’s natural eye.”

    It was a great honour for Dr Khng to receive this award for his years of contribution to ophthalmology, and to have the privilege of sharing his experience and knowledge with the international team of professionals from India and around the world.

    Congratulations to all the winners at this 2012 IIRSI, the 5 foreign faculty winners hailed from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, USA and Singapore’s very own Dr Christopher Khng.

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